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  1. <title>Help - display settings</title>
  2. <h1>Display settings</h1>
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  5. The "Display settings" dialog offers the option of changing the display of various visual elements in Simutrans.<br>
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  9. <em>Brightness</em> - Adds or subtracts brightness<br>
  10. <em>Colors</em> - Test element, no effect<br>
  11. <em>Scrolling speed</em> - The size of this number indicates the speed of scrolling the screen (using the mouse or using the arrows)
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  15. <em>Scroll Inversion</em> - Causes scrolling up to scroll down, scrolling left to scroll right, etc.<br>
  16. <em>Show Pedestrians</em> - Will cause pedestrians (those walking to or from bus stops) to not be displayed on streets in cities.<br>
  17. Advantageous, e.g. if you have a slower computer. Random walkers can be turned off in the<br> configuration file
  18. <em>Alternate day and night</em> - Activates alternating day and night simulation during the game. When simulating the night, some objects in the game (vehicles, houses...) light up.
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  22. The lower part of the dialog contains various information about the current state of the game, which is mainly there for testing and development purposes.
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