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  1. <title>Help - Finance</title>
  2. <h1>Finance (shortcut: <em>f</em>)</h1>
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  5. In the finance dialog, you will find a table of your income and expenses for this and last year, as well as a graph of the selected item(s).
  6. The income and expenditure table is divided into several categories, their description follows.<br>
  7. You can find a description of the graphs below.
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  11. <em>Constructions</em> - Sum of expenses for everything you have built - railways, roads, stations, etc.<br>
  12. <em>New vehicles</em> - Income and expenses for sold or purchased vehicles<br>
  13. <em>Vehicle operation</em> - Operating costs for all vehicles<br>
  14. <em>Maintenance</em> - Expenses for keeping your vehicles and buildings in good condition -
  15. repairs, cleaning, etc. The more vehicles and buildings, the greater this amount.<br>
  16. How high this amount is for this month is indicated on the last line of the dialogue.<br>
  17. This amount will be deducted from you at once, at the end of each month.<br>
  18. <em>Revenues</em> - Sum of money earned by transporting goods and passengers<br>
  19. <em>Total</em> - The total sum of income and expenses for this or last year<br>
  20. <em>Balance</em> - Your total money balance - your account status.
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  23. <p>Charts</p>
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  26. By pressing the buttons in the upper right part of the dialog, you can view the development of the selected value over the last 11 years.<br>
  27. The meaning of the values ​​in the graph after pressing the appropriate buttons is the same as in the income and expenditure table. Other values:<br>
  28. <em>Property</em> - the sum of the prices of all your property - vehicles and buildings. The price of each object gradually decreases over time.<br>
  29. <em>Wealth</em> - the sum of the balance and values ​​of all vehicles
  30. <em>Profit of vehicles</em> - income without price for maintenance and without price for vehicle operation
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