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CMS with txt2tags

Guest on 17th July 2022 12:06:45 PM

  1. CMS with txt2tags
  2. txt2tags is a multi-purpose tool. You can use it to convert to several formats, but you can also use it as the main syntax into various wiki, blog and CMS (content management system) engines.
  4. Here are some demos to try out:
  6. dokuwiki
  7. lionwiki-t2t
  8. pmwiki
  9. wordpress
  10. chuwiki-t2t
  12. Please note that all those demos will be reset every day.
  14. Some other CMS which are working with txt2tags (such as drupal) are not displayed here because they are using mysql database.
  16. Txt2tags in javascript
  17. txt2tagsjs (based on marked and showdown)
  18. Phileas, a static site generator, using javascript and simple text files written in txt2tags (markdown ultra) syntax
  19. txt2tags here, an extension for your browser or email client so you can compose in txt2tags. (based on markdown here)
  20. firefox extension
  21. chrome extension

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