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  1. NAME
  2. vmailmgr - a package to manage virtual mailboxes and aliases
  5. This document describes the vmailmgr package which contains, among other things, a virtualizing password checking interface for qmail-pop3d. It is intended as a drop-in replacement for the standard checkpassword utility with several significant enhancements.
  7. One of the goals of building this package was to provide a usable virtual mail interface that was efficient and as fully integrated into qmail as possible. This means that this package attempts to use the same control files that qmail uses to determine if a user is logging in via a virtual host. It also implies that all programs should be compiled for two reasons:
  9. Compiled code will be more efficient than code executed by an interpreter, such as perl or java
  10. There is no need for an interpreter to reside on the system once the code is compiled, eliminating concerns that such an interpreter could be used as an exploit in itself.
  11. SEE ALSO
  12. checkvpw(8), vaddalias(1), vadduser(1), vdelalias(1), vdeliver(1), vdeluser(1), vmailmgrd(8), vpasswd(1), vsetup(1)
  14. AUTHOR
  15. Bruce Guenter

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