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  1. You look at the note in your hand, a small confession letter to the person you have been crushing on for close to a year. You debate whether to crush it up in your hands and throw it away now but you already told your best friend, Gansey, that you were going to confess.
  2. *God. Fucking. Shit. What the fuck am I doing???? She has a boyfriend.* 
  3. You put your hand to your forehead and just think.
  4. *It's been too long. I have to tell her. But I can't risk our friendship. God. I have to. She probably already knows and is giving me a chance to repress the feelings. But I can't. I just... can't. I love her.*
  5. You took a deep breath and opened up the letter to reread it, the cool morning breeze making you shiver even through your hoodie. 
  6. *Dear Dot,
  7. Hey... come infront of the gym after school. I got something to tell you.
  8. From, Someone.*
  9. Okay, maybe it wasnt a confession letter. You had time. You pulled the phone out of your pocket and checked the time.
  10. *8:23*
  11. Fuck. You swiftly put the phone back and sighed. *We're doing this.*
  12. You ran towards the locker rooms and waited for Gansey to emerge. *Not turning back. Not turning back. I can't turn back now.*
  13. You see the talk elegant figure of your closest friend walk out from behind the building with a wave in your direction.
  14. "Hey Vriska!", they say with a happy voice. You smile, *Everythings gonna go okay!*
  15. "Hey Gansey. I uh-" you flip the note around your hands a few times before Gansey gets the chance to snatch it out of your grasp.
  16. "Awww this is so cute! I'll give this to her during 2nd period, alright?"
  17. "Yes, yes... And- thank you. Really. For... everything you've done for me..." 
  18. They pull you into a hug which you reciprocate, surrounding your arms tightly around them. After a warm moment you both pull away as Gansey walks away with a wide smile and a wave. You wave back with a matching smile. *Everything will be... okay.*
  19. The rest of the day goes by simply, except for the fact you couldn't focus if your life depended on it. You've had your headphones on all day, listening to cheesy music to calm yourself down and make yourself happier, I mean, whatever works, right?
  20. Lunch rolls around. You decide to eat in your favorite teachers classroom, not only because of the AC but you knew that you were too pre-occupied with your own stress to talk to anyone. Lunch goes by fast, you spend the time talk to your boyfriend, Ako, who has a free period during your lunch period. 
  21. The rest of the day is a blur, as are most days. You snap awake when you hear the final bell ring. You check the clock.
  22. *Yep. 3:20.*
  23. You bite your lip and pack up your stuff and head towards the gym, the butterflies in your stomach growing by the second. You see her talking to one of her friends, as she walks in the direction of the gym but stops for conversation. Your breath hitches at the sight. *God... she really is beautiful.* You quickly scramble towards the back of the gym, before she can see you.
  24. You set down your bag out of sight, reaching for a single flower, a purple lilac. You shed your hoodie layer to reveal a sweet colored button up with embroidered plants on it. You turn to check the front of the gym again and see she just walked up towards the enterence, leaning against a pole. You spray on a little body spray and walk over towards her, screaming interally.
  25. *Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuck. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK.*
  26. You finally shut off your brain and take a deep breath, walking behind Dot.
  27. She notices movemenr behind her and suddenly moves, only to see you flinch.
  28. "Oh uh hey Sal... Were you the one who sent me the uh..."
  29. You pull the flower out from behind you and hand it to her, answering her question, "Y-yes... and I uh... I..." You breath in and straighten yourself up a little. "I have a crush on you." You feel your cheeks get hot but continue, "I've um liked you for a while but I'm just now telling you and I-I I'm so sorry I know you have a bo-"
  30. You get cut off by her grabbing your chin and pushing her lips against yours. You let out a small squeal in shock but melt into it. After a moment that seemed to feel like forever she pulled away and looked at you.
  31. "I uh... Have had a crush on you for a bit too now heh..."
  32. You smile as you make eye contact with her, god... her face is so beautiful. Her cheeks are a dark shade of pink and her lips and so beautifully soft.
  33. You realize you were staring and shook your head to snap back. She let out a soft chuckle, and finally the last minute has cought up to you.
  34. *She-She likes me too?! And she just... KISSED ME?!!*
  35. Your cheeks get redder than you even thought possible and she laughed again.
  36. "Man... you've never kissed someone have you?"
  37. You shook your head and smiled pitifully. Her eyes widened and she frantically said "Shit shit shit shit I hope it was okay I did that I uh I hope it was okay and uh-"
  38. You cut her off, "It was wonderful." You smile genuinely and large. You can't containt how utterly happy you are. 
  39. "Hey uh... want to hang out at my house? You can urm... meet my cat?" 
  40. You nod enthusiastically. You can't believe this is happening. She grabs your hand happily as you walk towards her dads' car. You text your mom that you'll be hanging out with Dot and you'll be back before d

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