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Field Values

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  1. Field Values
  2. ************
  4. Legal values for the operating system, platform, bug priority and
  5. severity, and custom fields of type "Drop Down" and "Multiple-
  6. Selection Box" (see Custom Fields), as well as the list of valid bug
  7. statuses and resolutions, can be customized from the same interface.
  8. You can add, edit, disable, and remove the values that can be used
  9. with these fields.
  12. Viewing/Editing Legal Values
  13. ============================
  15. Editing legal values requires "admin" privileges. Select "Field
  16. Values" from the Administration page. A list of all fields, both
  17. system and Custom, for which legal values can be edited appears. Click
  18. a field name to edit its legal values.
  20. There is no limit to how many values a field can have, but each value
  21. must be unique to that field. The sortkey is important to display
  22. these values in the desired order.
  24. When the availability of the values of a custom field is controlled by
  25. another field, you can select from here which value of the other field
  26. must be set for the value of the custom field to appear.
  29. Deleting Legal Values
  30. =====================
  32. Legal values from Custom Fields can be deleted, but only if the
  33. following two conditions are respected:
  35. 1. The value is not set as the default for the field.
  37. 2. No bug is currently using this value.
  39. If any of these conditions is not respected, the value cannot be
  40. deleted. The only way to delete these values is to reassign bugs to
  41. another value and to set another value as default for the field.
  43. ======================================================================
  45. This documentation undoubtedly has bugs; if you find some, please file
  46. them here.

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