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abi dump

Guest on 3rd August 2022 01:52:37 AM

  1. Usage:
  2.      abi-dump
  3.      -path <path-to-run>
  4.      [-outdir <outdir>] [-minSpotId <minSpotId>] [-maxSpotId <maxSpotId>]
  5.      [-minReadLen <minReadLen>] [-noclip] [-origfmt] [-noDotReads]
  6.      <accession>
  8. Where:
  9.      -accession     Run accession - top level directory for SRA format either downloaded or locally generated
  10.      -path          Path to (but not including) accession
  11.      -outdir        Output directory (defaults to current directory)
  12.      -minSpotId     Minimum spot id to output
  13.      -maxSpotId     Maximum spot id to output
  14.      -minReadLen    Minimum read length to output (defaults is 25)
  15.      -noclip        Indicates don't apply clip quality right
  16.      -origfmt       Excludes SRR accession & length on defline
  17.      -noDotReads    No reads consisting only of dots are output
  18.      -noSignal      Do not write sginal files

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