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  3.                           Chronicle Play Torn
  4.                written for the Annual IF Competition -
  5.                      betapersei at freemail dot hu
  8. 1. The Game
  9. Two of my favourite IF games are Anchorhead (by Michael S. Gentry) and
  10. Wishbringer (by Infocom), so if this game reminds you to those, it is not
  11. entirely accidental.
  13. Chronicle Play Torn was designed to be easy, but grew a little big over the
  14. time. I can only hope that you will finish it within the two hours, and
  15. you will find the game amusing. In any case, please send me your comments
  16. to the address above (replace `at' with the `@' sign and `dot' with `.').
  18. 2. Puzzles
  19. The puzzles should be easily solved even by beginners, but the spirit of the
  20. game is touched by the ancient ones, as it is evil within its heart. It is
  21. possible to die, or get into an unwinable state, but the program gives you
  22. warnings if you try to do something risky, so beware of them (and save often
  23. to different files). Just like in Anchorhead, "search" and "examine" are
  24. different verbs, so be sure to use both (you won't be able to win without
  25. them). If you get stuck, you may use the hints built into the program, or
  26. even the walkthrough (both of them are accessible from the "help" command
  27. within the game).
  29. 3. Bugs
  30. Now a few comments about the dark side of the game: its testing was done
  31. in a hurry, it is very likely that you will find irritating bugs in the prose,
  32. and the working of the game.
  34. I'm somewhat innocent in the former one; I'm from the non english speaker
  35. part of the world, and thus writing prose for me is like walking without
  36. light in an Infocom product: I never know, when does a grue find me (and
  37. if it does, I don't even notice it).
  39. Sadly, I can't say the same about the bugs in the inner workings of the
  40. program. I didn't had the time to do proper beta-testing, but I hope, that
  41. you will help, and send me bug reports. It will help me to release a more
  42. polished game after the competition.
  44. 4. Thanks
  45. This program was written using the Inform compiler of Graham Nelson, and
  46. the menu system of Khelwood.

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