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  1. Liquid War (v5.6.4) - Bugs
  6. Report a new bug
  7. ================
  10.   If you have troubles with Liquid War 5, if you think it is a bug, and if it
  11.   is not described in this file, then just send a (precise...) decription of
  12.   your problem to the Liquid War user mailing list.
  14.   Besides, it happens that now most bug reports come from the Debian tracking
  15.   system "http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?pkg=liquidwar". Thanks
  16.   to the Debian users and maintainers, it's a very valuable feedback source.
  18.   Additionnaly, on online bug tracking system has been set up. It uses Flyspray
  19.   http://flyspray.rocks.cc/. It's accessible on
  20.   http://www.ufoot.org/bugtracker/ or
  21.   "http://www.ufoot.org/bugtracker/index.php?project=2". I try to collect
  22.   everything here : bugs reported on the mailing-list, bugs from Debian, and
  23.   bugs I found myself. Alternatively you can report bugs directly on it 8-)
  27. Network
  28. =======
  31.   Network support in Liquid War is far from being perfect, so there are a bunch
  32.   of little problems which can appear. Basically, once the game is correctly
  33.   started on a LAN, you should have no problems, but getting the game started
  34.   might be difficult.
  38. Mouse does not work
  39. ===================
  42.   Some users reported that they were unable to control the Liquid War cursor
  43.   with the mouse. Well, the answer is a typical Microsoftish "this ain't a bug,
  44.   it's a feature!".
  46.   More seriously, you're supposed to move the cursor with the keyboard in
  47.   Liquid War. There's no way to handle the cursor "like a mouse pointer" (*).
  48.   This is due to:
  50.   * Severe limitations in the Liquid War core algorithm.
  52.   * The fact that moving the cursor "too fast" would really change the gameplay
  53.     of Liquid War. As a Liquid War integrist 8-) I can tell you the game would
  54.     really not be the same if you could move the cursor as fast as you wish.
  55.     It's part of the game that sometimes it takes you ages to recover from a
  56.     strategical mistakes. You need to think twice before going to the very end
  57.     of a level. That's strategy. At least that's how I view things... Anyways
  58.     as I mentionned above there's a limitation in the core algorithm.
  60.   (*) This is not perfectly true, there's a way to control the cursor with the
  61.   mouse, but it's designed for the case "4 people want to play on the same
  62.   computer and one single keyboard is not enough". Controlling the cursor with
  63.   the mouse in Liquid War is possible but yet rather hard to master 8-/ Try it
  64.   and you'll understand what I mean. This mode can be set up in the "Teams"
  65.   menu.
  69. Game does not start
  70. ===================
  73.   On non UNIX platforms such as Windows or DOS, Liquid War is distributed in a
  74.   .zip file. It's IMPORTANT that you unzip the .zip files with an "unzipper"
  75.   which preserves the directory structure. Most install problems under Windows
  76.   come from broken unzipping programs which extract all files in the same
  77.   directory... WinZip 8.x or the unzip32.exe utility that comes with DJGPP are
  78.   both able to uncompress Liquid War .zip files correctly.
  80.   On Liquid War 5.5.9 and later, the Windows version should detect this problem
  81.   automatically and warn you with a message which basically says something like
  82.   "Unable to load datafile. Are you sure Liquid War is correctly installed?".
  83.   If you get this message, you need to reinstall the game by unzipping it with
  84.   a "correct" unzipping program which does not wreck directory structrure up.
  88. Interference with other Windows programs
  89. ========================================
  92.   It's been reported that Liquid War can run very slowly on Windows when some
  93.   other programs (Mozilla for instance) are running. So if Liquid War's menus
  94.   seem to be really really slow, then try to shut down other applications and
  95.   run the game again.
  97.   This problem does not seem to apply on GNU/Linux - at least if you do not run
  98.   300 daemons together on your machine 8-)
  102. Datafile bugs
  103. =============
  106.   Sometimes there are some problems when compiling the datafile, this includes:
  108.   * The liquidwarcol, liquidwarmap and liquidwartex utilities might freeze or
  109.     segfault. Typing "make" again often solves the problem.
  111.   * The background image sometimes ends up using the wrong palette, which has a
  112.     very nasty consequence: it looks ugly.
  114.   These bugs are quite hard to get rid off, since I can not reproduce them
  115.   easily. The good solution would be to completely rewrite the liquidwarcol,
  116.   liquidwarmap and liquidwartex utilities.
  120. Midi does not work on OSS
  121. =========================
  124.   Preamble
  125.   --------
  127.     IF your midi music on Liquid War, or indeed any other Allegro game, doesn't
  128.     work and you are using the OSS (Open Sound System) drivers (these are the
  129.     sound drivers which come with the standard kernel distribution), this may
  130.     well be because Allegro only supports "FM synthesis" and not "wavetable"
  131.     when it is using OSS. FM synthesis is a very old method of making sound
  132.     from MIDI and has long since been replaced by wavetable synthesis, with the
  133.     net result that it's quite possible you've got OSS MIDI working nicely in
  134.     other applications without having FM support set up at all. This is what I
  135.     found. (It has to be said that I didn't find the FM sound quality quite as
  136.     bad as people have said, though).
  138.     In this situation, it looks to me like you have the following choices:
  140.   Hack Allegro...
  141.   ---------------
  143.     ...to implement wavetable midi on OSS :-)
  145.     and for the rest of us...
  147.   Use Allegro's DIGMID midi driver...
  148.   -----------------------------------
  150.     ...which creates audio from MIDI using a set of patches (more info here:
  151.     http://www.talula.demon.co.uk/allegro/digmid.html) and plays back through
  152.     your sound card's audio.
  154.   Get an FM driver up and running...
  155.   ----------------------------------
  157.     ...Which is comprised of the following steps:
  159.     * Find out which FM driver is appropriate for your sound card. If you have
  160.       distribution-specific tools and docs for setting up sound, try those. If
  161.       not, you will need to be familiar with the knowledge in the Sound-HOWTO
  162.       and Kernel-HOWTO i.e. know how to compile kernels and modules and deal
  163.       with sound drivers.
  165.     * Look through the OSS modules in 'make menuconfig' and see if anything
  166.       catches your eye. See if there is any specific documentation on your
  167.       sound card on http://www.linuxdoc.org. Do a few web searches. For my
  168.       AWE64, I use the OPL3 driver.
  170.     * Compile and install the FM driver module, or set up your system to use
  171.       the new kernel if you want to compile the driver in.
  173.     * Load the module, or boot your new kernel. It is very important that you
  174.       pay attention to what is said in the 'help' for your FM driver in 'make
  175.       menuconfig' and read any necessary files in the Documentation/sound/
  176.       directory. For example, I just had a nice half-hour wondering why the
  177.       hell my FM wasn't working now when it had been before - with the OPL3
  178.       driver, you have to give the option io=0x388 to insmod. Which is stated
  179.       nice and clear in the docs, but of course I had forgotten since then. You
  180.       can prevent such happenings by recording options permanently in
  181.       /etc/modules.conf - see the manpage etc.
  183.     * Try the game. If it's worked you will hear particularly beepy music.
  184.       Enjoy!
  186.   Opl3 occult FAQ
  187.   ---------------
  189.     --IMPORTANT-- If you are using Liquid War, your FM will only work if you go
  190.     to the map 'Elephant inside a boa' and proceed to chase each other round in
  191.     circles for at least 10 minutes. This cures a bug in the design of the OPL3
  192.     interface which conflicts badly with the core Liquid War algorithms. How
  193.     the hell the music hardware even knows about the core algorithms I don't
  194.     know, but that's what I made of the now-defunct opl3-occult-FAQ, from which
  195.     here is an excerpt:
  197.     Many roads a man must take. Those with one-track minds are DOOMED, I tells ya.
  199.     ---- The Liquid War algorithm calculates distances to one place, the
  200.     cursor.
  202.     And:
  204.     Man or machine, face or code, must stand strong and solid; must not just ooze away as slime.
  206.     ---- We think it might just take objection to the whole 'slimy' nature of
  207.     the LW beings. As well as it being LIQUID War.
  209.     So, our carefully tailored approach, is to firstly have the players going
  210.     in all the possible different directions evenly by moving around the map in
  211.     circles, and secondly to divert the opl3's attention from the general slimy
  212.     liquidness of it all by emphasizing the solidity, reality, and natural
  213.     goodness of that classic tapestry: an elephant inside a boa.
  215.     That and it's a f***ing ace level.
  219. Checksum errors
  220. ===============
  223.   The Liquid War server is a "light" servers which - to some extent - has no
  224.   idea about what is going on in the game. It simply replicates key strokes
  225.   between clients and each client maintains its own game state. Normally, the
  226.   game is designed so that given the same user input, it will behave exactly
  227.   the same.
  229.   However, it happens that sometimes 2 clients can behave differently, and this
  230.   is a (severe) bug. One consequence is that messages reporting "Checksum
  231.   errors" appear on the server's and on the client's console output. This bug
  232.   appears when using non-default rules settings. Basically, if someones tweaks
  233.   his rules, then the checksum errors appear. Of course I double-triple checked
  234.   that options were correctly sent on the network, but, well, could not fix the
  235.   bug. Yet. The short term solution seems to play with default factory
  236.   settings...
  238.   I'm highly interested in bug-reports concerning this problem.

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