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liquidwar fanfic

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  1. Liquid War (v5.6.4) - Fanfic
  6. What's this?
  7. ============
  10.   Quoting Gavin: "I wrote a liquid war fanfic some time ago [...] I wrote it
  11.   after a friend claimed that there wasn't any liquid war fanfic because it
  12.   wasn't possible."
  14.   So here it is, a Liquid War fanfic, enjoy! (and special thanks to Gavin)
  18. The Battle of Emberlificoted
  19. ============================
  22.   ...
  23.   ---
  25.     The General presided over his massing army in his seat, or rather hovering
  26.     ring, of power. It dipped slightly as he flew low over his troops marching
  27.     through the viscous marsh-like terrain. They were like children: obedient,
  28.     loyal, and they ate a lot.
  30.     Glancing at the status panel mounted in front of him he grimaced; the other
  31.     five armies: Yellow, Green, Orange, Turquoise, and, of course, Red, were
  32.     also readying armies of a similar size to his own. His violet clones would
  33.     have to fight hard and eat well to win this day.
  35.     Today would not be a battle of luck, the General mused, it would be a
  36.     battle of tactics, of alliances, and of betrayal. Every clone was identical
  37.     - that was the general idea behind clones - and the terrain seemed
  38.     strangely symmetrical; it would not give advantage to any of the six armies
  39.     amassed today. Glancing at the hologram of the battlefield projected in
  40.     front of him the General noted that he would have to move quickly, Orange
  41.     and Yellow were too close for comfort, though fortunately Baron Red's army
  42.     of eponymous coloured clones was the furthest.
  44.     General Violet's fingertips were sweaty even before they touched the four
  45.     main control keys in front of him. They were labeled 'W', 'A', 'D', and, of
  46.     course, the full retreat button - very useful for misleading foes and
  47.     ambushing them as they pursued - 'S'. The keys were arrange in a roughly
  48.     equilateral triangular pattern; with 'S' forming the base and being
  49.     adjacent to both 'A' and 'D', 'W' formed the tip of the triangle.
  51.     A long breath left his parched lips as at last he made his move.
  53.   ...
  54.   ---
  56.     "Dammit!" he screamed moments later. He had misjudged Captain Yellow and
  57.     Commander Orange; he had expected one at least to attack immediately, one
  58.     he could have handled. They were working together - foiling his attempt to
  59.     shoot between them to near the center of the battlefield to gain a better
  60.     vantage point. Yellow had shot down towards him, cutting off his advance,
  61.     and now Orange had sealed his escape route. "It's not over yet" muttered
  62.     the General. He opened a voice channel with Commander Orange:
  64.     "Very clever. Flawed, but still clever."
  66.     "Flawed?" came the reply.
  68.     "Yes flawed, when the good Captain is finished devouring my army who do you
  69.     think he will turn to next?", bluffed the General - his hands worked
  70.     quickly as he manoeuvred his hovering control ring, all that his troops
  71.     ever saw of him, carefully towards the weakest section of his attackers. If
  72.     he could just break out a few units he could soon turn the tide against
  73.     both Yellow and Orange.
  75.     "We have an alliance..." Orange's voice was unsure now.
  77.     Time for some sarcasm to through her even more off balance, thought the
  78.     General,
  80.     "I gathered", he spoke softly, slowly, and with too much meaning. Then
  81.     closing the channel he turned his attention back to his escape.
  83.   ...
  84.   ---
  86.     "Yes!" wooped the ecstatic figure of the General. Fifty or so of his troops
  87.     had broken free undetected and were even now working their way cautiously
  88.     towards the camps of the Yellow army, only the front lines were still
  89.     actively fighting; this opening gambit of Yellow and Orange had turned into
  90.     a stale siege and Yellow's army had pitched tent.
  92.     General Violet steered his hovering guidance ring to the center of the
  93.     Yellow camp. His troops struck, both those who had got behind the lines and
  94.     those who were still besieged. Yellow reacted too slowly and suddenly found
  95.     that her army, was shrinking back from the onslaught. There was nowhere to
  96.     run to, and bye now her only ally - Commander Orange - had abandoned her to
  97.     her fate; he was too busy engaging Sir. Turquoise, who had managed to
  98.     escape from the slaughter that the Baron had caused to the Turquoise ranks
  99.     and was even now valiantly attacking the flanks of the Orange troops.
  101.     A glance at the status panel showed that Yellow's life force was fading
  102.     quickly: 8%, 3%, 1%, Gone.
  104.     The General smiled, he always enjoyed getting the first kill, and by now
  105.     his armies life force had grown and his clones had replicated. With his,
  106.     now, formidable fighting force it was no problem to engulf both Sir.
  107.     Turquoise and Commander Orange's brawling armies and annihilate them. Once
  108.     again his army grew in size and power. Now if only the Baron didn't notice
  109.     that..., thought the General.
  111.   ...
  112.   ---
  114.     "Too late!" yelped the General, now thrown into panic, as he saw the
  115.     approaching Baron. His army had also grown in size and power - having
  116.     fatally injured the Turquoise army within the opening moments of the
  117.     battle, and having finally managed to catch the elusive fleeing form of, or
  118.     what remained of, Emperor Green.
  120.     Gripping the controls harder the General thought quickly, his army doesn't
  121.     so completely outnumber me that this is already over, however unless I can
  122.     cause him to make a mistake that allows me to take the upper hand then I
  123.     will inevitably lose. Maybe I can...
  125.     This thought was terminated and replaced by another as the Baron's angry
  126.     red troops broke through the undergrowth that had covered their movements
  127.     and started to surround the General's army. The thought that now throbbed
  128.     through the panic-stricken mind of General Violet was simply 'Run!'.
  130.     Even as he signaled the retreat and made for what seemed to be the only
  131.     possible means of escape the Baron's blood red control ring appeared at the
  132.     opening. The General knew it was over, even before the host of red beings
  133.     appeared at the opening.
  135.     There was no escape. His life force was almost depleted and he was
  136.     surrounded. Then it was that the Baron decided to communicate:
  138.     "Too bad. It was a good game"
  140.     The General blinked, gaped, and was generally gobsmacked. Just before his
  141.     life force completely failed and his own weary eyes closed in defeat he
  142.     snarled,
  144.     "What!? This is not a game!" were the General's dying words.

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