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Basic Terms
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  1. Basic Terms
  2. You should know these.  All of them.  Sorry about the length, but they are important.
  4. Basic Computer Terms
  6. TERM    Definition
  7. Char (Character)        One letter or space or digit.
  8. Byte    One char
  9. Kilobyte        1024 bytes (about 1000).  A short page of text is about 1 KB
  10. Megabyte        1,048,576 bytes (about 1,000,000).  A HUGE picture is about 1/2 MB
  11. Gigabyte        1,073,741,824 bytes (about 1,000,000,000).  A CD filled with music is 0.7 GB.
  12. Processor       The part of the computer that does the "thinking".  Usually made by Intel (ick!!)
  13. Motherboard     The main circuit board of the computer.  Not the case!!
  14. Case    The part of the computer visible from the outside
  15. Resolution      How many pixels the screen holds.  The most common resolution is 1024 height x 768 width
  16. Hardware        Any part of the computer you can physically touch.  Your mouse is a piece of software.
  17. Software        The "programs".  Netscape is a piece of software.
  18. Modem   A device that connects two computers via a phone line
  19. Ethernet        A device that connects a bunch of computers via an ethernet cable,
  20. This is the standard intra-building network.
  22. Web Terms
  23. TERM    Definition
  24. Web Page        A page written in HTML
  25. HTML    Hypertext markup language
  26. HTTP    Hypertext transfer protocol -- how web pages move across the network
  27. FTP     File transfer protocol -- an older yet more powerful way of moving files
  28. VRML    Virtual reality modeling language.  Stores 3-D graphics.
  29. Bandwidth       The rate at which data moves through the network
  30. Latency How long it takes a bit of data to get from source to destination across the network
  31. Cache   A place used to temporarily hold data in hopes of using it again
  32. Tag     An individual piece of HTML code.  One tag achieves just one effect.
  33. Client  The computer running the browser
  34. Browser The program the user uses to access the web.  Normally either Netscape or Internet Explorer
  35. Server (1)      The computer that holds web pages and offers then to clients
  36. Server (2)      The program running on the server computer that offers web pages to clients.
  37. File Types
  38. File Type       Use
  39. HTML    A web page
  40. HTM     A web page on a PC that cannot have more than 3 letter extensions
  41. JPG     A "jay-peg".  A picture format that is small but can have losses.
  42. GIF     A picture format that is bigger but lossless.
  43. AVI     A format for storing whole movies.
  44. MPG     An "em-peg".  Another movie format
  45. WRL     These are VRML files.
  46. AU      A soundfile format
  47. MID     A sound synthisizer format

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