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system required

Guest on 22nd August 2022 07:52:25 AM

  1. 1. system required
  3. zentao needs apache, php(>5.2) and mysql.
  5. 2. install the allinone package on windows
  7. We have build an allinone package for windows systems. This package comes from the xampp project which is a great AMP tool.
  9. 2.1 download our .exe package.
  10. 2.2 double click the .exe and extract it into c:\xampp or d:\xampp, keep it under the root directory.
  11. 2.3 start zentao
  13.       cd c:\xampp, there'is control panel tools. double click it, it will stay on the tray menu at the bottom of the window.
  14.       click the zentao icon, then the menu will show, you can choose the "start zentao", waiting for a moment.
  15.       Then you can visit zentao through http://localhost/zentao/
  17. 3. install the allinone package on linux
  19. We also build an allinone package for linux systems from the xampp tool.
  21. 3.1 download our .7z package, and save it to /opt/
  22. 3.2 cd /opt/ and chmod a+rx *.7z and then execute the 7z file, which will self extrct.
  23. 3.3 after extract, the directory should be /opt/lampp
  24. 3.4 cd /opt/lampp, and execute sudo ./start or sudo ./start88 to start apache in 88 port and mysql in 3308 port.
  25. 3.5 then you can visit zentao through http://localhost/zentao/
  27. 4. install the source code.
  29. 4.1 install one AMP package.  you can install other AMP package. Make sure the version of apache, php and mysql meets the needs of zetnao.
  30. 4.2 download our zip package.
  31. 4.3 unpack it.
  32.     after download our zip package, save it to the apache's htdocs path and unpack it to zentaopms. make sure the zentaopms path can be
  33.     visited through browse.
  34. 4.4 start the installation
  35.     open your browser and visit the zentaopms path, for example, then the install wizard will launch, you can install it
  36.     step by step.

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