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Individual Component Tests
Guest on 22nd August 2022 01:47:07 PM

  1. Individual Component Tests
  3. Tests are available for the following components:
  5. Disk Space Management
  6. Buffer Management
  7. Heap Files
  8. BTree
  9. Joins
  10. Warning: Since Minibase uses some global variables, the tests are not quite as "independent" as one might believe. The driver that powers the tests menu uses the same global error variable as the actual tests themselves!
  13. Running the Tests
  14. A text-based interface to Minibase can be invoked by using the command minibase, which has the following command-line options:
  15. -d database name (required)
  16. -s size of the DB in pages
  17. -b size of the buffer pool in pages
  18. -r reopen mode; used to reopen an existing database
  19. When this command is executed, a menu of options is presented to the user; of these, item number 2 is Component Tests, and the tests can be run by choosing this option.

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