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Linear Hashing Test

Guest on 22nd August 2022 01:47:40 PM

  1. Linear Hashing Test Page
  3. Test 1
  4. Insert up to 1000 key / rid pairs into the index.
  7. Test 2
  8. In Test 2, scans are performed that make no sense (e.g., low values higher than the high values, etc.). The index that was created in Test 1 is used for testing these scans. The scans should return no tuples. They should not return any errors.
  11. Test 3
  12. Basically the same as Test 1, except that instead of an integer key, a string is used. The keys are inserted in ascending order, as in Test 1.
  15. Test 4
  16. The same as Test 3, except that the keys are inserted in descending order.

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