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windows backup the system writer is not found
Guest on 23rd August 2022 04:01:42 AM

  1. Windows server backup fails with these symptoms:
  3. In the Windows Server Backup GUI, when you double-click a failed backup:
  4. "Failed. The system writer is not found in the backup."
  6. After running "vssadmin list writers", System Writer is not listed and these
  7. two errors appear in the Application event log:
  9. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Event ID 8193
  11. Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine XML
  12. document is too long.  hr = 0x80070018, The program issued a command but the
  13. command length is incorrect.
  15. Operation:
  16.    Writer Exposing its Metadata
  18. Context:
  19.    Execution Context: Requestor
  20.    Writer Instance ID: {6B443A2A-3ABF-4DF7-87B3-C13B120D0DD2}
  21.    Writer Class Id: {E8132975-6F93-4464-A53E-1050253AE220}
  22.    Writer Name: System Writer
  23. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. Event ID 8193
  25. Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine
  26. CreateVssExamineWriterMetadata.  hr = 0x80042302, A Volume Shadow Copy Service
  27. component encountered an unexpected error.
  28. Check the Application event log for more information.
  30. Operation:
  31.    Writer Exposing its Metadata
  33. Context:
  34.    Execution Context: Requestor
  35.    Writer Instance ID: {6B443A2A-3ABF-4DF7-87B3-C13B120D0DD2}
  36.    Writer Class Id: {E8132975-6F93-4464-A53E-1050253AE220}
  37.    Writer Name: System Writer
  38. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  41. Fix:
  43. Various parts of Windows Server still limit path depth and number of
  44. subdirectories per directory. The temporary dirs in this location exceed those
  45. limits for the VSS writer:
  47. C:\Windows\Microsoft.Net
  49. Find out which subdirs in this structure are big. Then, stop IIS, move the
  50. contents of those temp dirs (specifically, move the 'root' subdir out of
  51. "Temporary ASP.NET Files"), then start IIS again and verify that web apps
  52. still run. If web apps still run, it is OK to delete the moved 'root' folder.
  54. see also:
  55. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2807849
  56. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ntdebugging/archive/2013/08/27/missing-system-writer-case-explained.aspx
  58. note: this failure mode has similar symptoms, but is not the same cause as the
  59. above:
  60. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2009272

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