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Access to ADP Autonet Via Telenet
Guest on 25th August 2022 01:42:52 PM

  1. Access to ADP Autonet Via Telenet, Tymnet, and Datapac
  4.           ADP Autonet interconnects with other public data networks  (PDNs)
  5.           to extend its data communications services to hundreds more loca-
  6.           tions. These Third Party Networks include  Telenet,  Tymnet,  and
  7.           Datapac.  The  networks support a wide range of interactive ASCII
  8.           terminals communicating at speeds up to 2400  Baud  over  dial-up
  9.           lines.
  11.           A complete, up-to-date list of Autonet and extended  access  num-
  12.           bers  is  available  under the selection "PHONE" in Autonet's on-
  13.           line information directory, AID. In addition,  Autonet  publishes
  14.           and  distributes  these  lists  occasionally throughout the year.
  15.           They can be obtained from your Autonet Sales Specialist.
  17.           If you encounter any problems gaining network access, please con-
  18.           tact Autonet's Network Control Center by our toll-free WATS line,
  19.           1-800-521-2733,  outside  of  Michigan,  or  by  our  Ann  Arbor,
  20.           Michigan number, 1-313-995-6595.

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