Reasons why you should Visit Antigua

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If there is one destination you should not forget on your bucket list, it’s the spectacular Caribbean. From white sand beaches to beautiful sceneries, no other tropical paradise can transform your holiday into a luxury getaway. And of all the islands you could go to, we recommend paying a visit to the island of Antigua.

You can do plenty of activities during your stay in Antigua, and for such a small island, you can never get bored. Excited? Book luxury accommodation now while we tour you through all the great reasons why you should come to Antigua.

So Many Beaches!

When thinking of tropical vacations, beaches are the first things that come to mind. Do you like going to the beach for a day? How about one new beach for every day of the year?

Despite its size, Antigua boasts a total of 365 picture-perfect beaches. Each beach is unique with its luxury villas, resorts, and restaurants, with various water sports, shore-lined reefs, secluded coves, surfing spots, and lagoons. When it comes to beaches, nothing beats Antigua.

The best way to get to the best beaches is by bus or car. We highly recommend going to Half Moon Bay, Long Bay, Pigeon Point Beach, and Ffrye’s Beach.

Enjoy Incredible Seafood

Antigua is the perfect Caribbean holiday destination for the foodies out there to enjoy delicious seafood dishes. Because the island is surrounded by water, you’ll always have a taste of the finest, freshest seafood, such as rock lobster, grouper mackerel, conch, wahoo, and many more.

Authentic local cuisine involves plenty of bold flavors – a delicious spicy mix of peppers, garlic, onion, and thyme. Do you love discovering new dishes and tastes? Antigua is the perfect place for you.

Take a History Tour

If you are into history, Antigua’s historic preservations are perhaps one of the best in the Caribbean region.

Their Capital, St. John’s, is where 19th-century buildings are situated. There are also St. John’s Cathedral and Betty’s Hope, which used to be a sugar cane plantation. Are you interested in learning about the earliest inhabitants and history of Antigua? Head over to the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, the oldest continuously operating building in the capital. Other than St. John’s, the island is riddled with historical sites that will tingle your interests, such as:

-Nelson’s Dockyard -Shirley Heights -Montpelier Sugar Factory -Monk’s Hill -Fort James -Fort Barrington

Book a Place to Stay Today!

The best way to know just how stunning the island of Antigua can be is to visit and live the experience. To get started on your luxury tropical getaway, book an oceanview accommodation at Tamarind Hills.

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