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STEAM_0:0:9821199 Ban Request Cheater

Guest on 25th January 2023 01:22:46 PM

  1. There was a really nice person I met on STALCRAFT, so I thought, they're vile and it's scary because I didn't sense that at first.  If this person is flirting with you, they will abandon, ghost, and remove any traces of themselves from your life. I hope this warning serves a purpose to someone.
  3. https://i.imgur.com/HgCHHOW.png
  5. Aliases: Arî, Jakeythesnake, Ari
  6. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:9821199
  7. SteamID64: 76561197979908126
  8. Discord & Discord ID: Arî#0616 - 908721071233073224
  9. Birthdate(may not be exact): 12/20/2001
  11. After so many "I love you", "You make me smile all day long", "I want someone to take me to the Cherokee Mountains", "I can't wait until we meet", "ilysm", "who are you?", I had to do this write up, thanks for reading.
  13. Some stuff that is relevant.
  14. DayZ StarwarsRP GMod Garry's Mod STALCRAFT Black Desert Online FFXIV Battlebit Remastered D&D DnD StalkerZ Aura Ban Request Hacker ESP Aimb

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