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fbsd pkgs
Guest on 8th February 2023 03:05:06 AM

  1. accountsservice-0.6.40         D-Bus interface for user account query and manipulation
  2. adwaita-icon-theme-3.22.0      GNOME Symbolic Icons
  3. alsa-lib-1.1.2                 ALSA compatibility library
  4. argyllcms-1.9.2_2              ICC compatible color management system
  5. at-spi2-atk-2.24.0             Assisted Technology Provider module for GTK+
  6. at-spi2-core-2.24.0            Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
  7. atk-2.24.0                     GNOME accessibility toolkit (ATK)
  8. autoconf-2.69_1                Automatically configure source code on many Un*x platforms
  9. autoconf-wrapper-20131203      Wrapper script for GNU autoconf
  10. automake-1.15.1                GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
  11. automake-wrapper-20131203      Wrapper script for GNU automake
  12. avahi-app-0.6.31_5             Service discovery on a local network
  13. binutils-2.28,1                GNU binary tools
  14. bullet-2.86.1_1                3D collision detection and rigid body dynamics library
  15. ca_root_nss-3.34.1             Root certificate bundle from the Mozilla Project
  16. cairo-1.14.8_1,2               Vector graphics library with cross-device output support
  17. ccache-3.3.4_8                 Tool to minimize the compile time of C/C++ programs
  18. check-0.12.0                   Unit test framework for C
  19. colord-1.2.12                  Manage color profiles to accurately color input/output devices
  20. compositeproto-0.4.2           Composite extension headers
  21. consolekit2-1.2.0              Framework for defining and tracking users
  22. cups-2.2.6                     Common UNIX Printing System
  23. curl-7.57.0                    Command line tool and library for transferring data with URLs
  24. cvsps-2.1_2                    Create patchset information from CVS
  25. damageproto-1.2.1              Damage extension headers
  26. dbus-1.10.16_1                 Message bus system for inter-application communication
  27. dbus-glib-0.108                GLib bindings for the D-BUS messaging system
  28. dejavu-2.37                    Bitstream Vera Fonts clone with a wider range of characters
  29. desktop-file-utils-0.23        Couple of command line utilities for working with desktop entries
  30. dialog4ports-0.1.6             Console Interface to configure ports
  31. dmidecode-3.1_1                Tool for dumping DMI (SMBIOS) contents in human-readable format
  32. dmxproto-2.3.1                 DMX extension headers
  33. dri2proto-2.8                  DRI2 prototype headers
  34. encodings-1.0.4_3,1            X.Org Encoding fonts
  35. expat-2.2.1                    XML 1.0 parser written in C
  36. ffmpeg-3.4.1_1,1               Realtime audio/video encoder/converter and streaming server
  37. fftw3-3.3.6.p2_2               Fast C routines to compute the Discrete Fourier Transform
  38. fftw3-float-3.3.6.p2_2         Fast Discrete Fourier Transform (Single Precision C Routines)
  39. fixesproto-5.0                 Fixes extension headers
  40. flac-1.3.2                     Free lossless audio codec
  41. font-bh-ttf-1.0.3_3            X.Org Bigelow & Holmes TTF font
  42. font-misc-ethiopic-1.0.3_3     X.Org miscellaneous Ethiopic font
  43. font-misc-meltho-1.0.3_3       X.Org miscellaneous Meltho font
  44. font-util-1.3.1                Create an index of X font files in a directory
  45. fontcacheproto-0.1.3           Fontcache extension headers
  46. fontconfig-2.12.1,1            XML-based font configuration API for X Windows
  47. fontsproto-2.1.3,1             Fonts extension headers
  48. freeglut-3.0.0_1               open source implementation of the GLUT library
  49. freetype2-2.8_1                Free and portable TrueType font rendering engine
  50. fribidi-0.19.7                 Free Implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
  51. gcc-6                          Meta-port for the default version of the GNU Compiler Collection
  52. gcc-ecj-4.5                    Eclipse Java Compiler used to build GCC Java
  53. gcc6-6.4.0_3                   GNU Compiler Collection 6
  54. gdbm-1.13_1                    GNU database manager
  55. gdk-pixbuf2-2.36.9             Graphic library for GTK+
  56. gettext-runtime-     GNU gettext runtime libraries and programs
  57. gettext-tools-         GNU gettext development and translation tools
  58. ghostscript9-agpl-base-9.16_5  Ghostscript 9.x PostScript interpreter, base part
  59. giflib-5.1.4                   Tools and library routines for working with GIF images
  60. git-2.15.1                     Distributed source code management tool
  61. gle-3.1.0_7                    GL Tubing and Extrusion Library
  62. glib-2.50.2_7,1                Some useful routines of C programming (current stable version)
  63. glproto-1.4.17                 GLX extension headers
  64. gmake-4.2.1_1                  GNU version of 'make' utility
  65. gmake-lite-4.2.1               Minimalist version of gnu make
  66. gmp-6.1.2                      Free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
  67. gnome-pty-helper-0.40.2        utmp/wtmp/lastlog helper program for the vte Terminal widget
  68. gnome-themes-standard-3.22.3   Standard themes for GNOME
  69. gnome_subr-1.0                 Common startup and shutdown subroutines used by GNOME scripts
  70. gnutls-3.5.16                  GNU Transport Layer Security library
  71. gobject-introspection-1.50.0,1 Generate interface introspection data for GObject libraries
  72. gpicview-0.2.5                 Simple and fast image viewer for X11
  73. graphite2-1.3.10               Rendering capabilities for complex non-Roman writing systems
  74. gsfonts-8.11_8                 Standard Fonts for Ghostscript
  75. gstreamer1-1.12.3              Media applications framework
  76. gstreamer1-libav-1.12.3_1      GStreamer plug-in with many audio/video decoders/encoders
  77. gstreamer1-plugins-1.12.3      GStreamer written collection of plugins handling several media types
  78. gstreamer1-plugins-a52dec-1.12.3 GStreamer ATSC A/52 stream aka AC-3 (dvd audio) plugin
  79. gstreamer1-plugins-bad-1.12.3_1 GStreamer-plugins that need more quality, testing or documentation
  80. gstreamer1-plugins-core-1.12   Core set of typical audio and video GStreamer plugins
  81. gstreamer1-plugins-dts-1.12.3  GStreamer dts audio decode plugin
  82. gstreamer1-plugins-dvdread-1.12.3 GStreamer DVD access plugin with libdvdread
  83. gstreamer1-plugins-good-1.12.3 GStreamer-plugins good-quality plug-ins
  84. gstreamer1-plugins-mad-1.8.0   GStreamer mp3 decoder plugin
  85. gstreamer1-plugins-mpg123-1.12.3 GStreamer MPEG Layer 1, 2, and 3 plugin
  86. gstreamer1-plugins-ogg-1.12.3  GStreamer Ogg bitstream plugin
  87. gstreamer1-plugins-pango-1.12.3 GStreamer pango textoverlay plugin
  88. gstreamer1-plugins-png-1.12.3  GStreamer png plugin
  89. gstreamer1-plugins-resindvd-1.12.3 GStreamer resindvd DVD playback plugin
  90. gstreamer1-plugins-theora-1.12.3 GStreamer theora plugin
  91. gstreamer1-plugins-ugly-1.12.3 GStreamer-plugins set of good-quality plug-ins that might have distribution problems
  92. gstreamer1-plugins-vorbis-1.12.3 GStreamer vorbis encoder/decoder plugin
  93. gtk-update-icon-cache-2.24.29  Gtk-update-icon-cache utility from the Gtk+ toolkit
  94. gtk2-2.24.31                   Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI (previous stable version)
  95. gtk3-3.22.15_2                 Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI (current stable version)
  96. hal-0.5.14_32                  Hardware Abstraction Layer for simplifying device access
  97. harfbuzz-1.7.2                 OpenType text shaping engine
  98. help2man-1.47.5                Automatically generating simple manual pages from program output
  99. hicolor-icon-theme-0.15        High-color icon theme shell from the FreeDesktop project
  100. htop-2.0.2                     Better top(1) - interactive process viewer
  101. icu-60.2_1,1                   International Components for Unicode (from IBM)
  102. imlib2-1.4.10,2                The next generation graphics library for Enlightenment
  103. indexinfo-0.3.1                Utility to regenerate the GNU info page index
  104. inputproto-2.3.2               Input extension headers
  105. intltool-0.51.0_1              Tools to internationalize various kinds of data files
  106. iso-codes-3.76                 Lists of the country, language, and currency iso names
  107. jasper-1.900.1_17              Implementation of the codec specified in the JPEG-2000 standard
  108. jbig2dec-0.14                  Decoder implementation of the JBIG2 image compression format
  109. jbigkit-2.1_1                  Lossless compression for bi-level images such as scanned pages, faxes
  110. jed-0.99.19_4                  SLang-based text editor
  111. jpeg-turbo-1.5.2               SIMD-accelerated JPEG codec which replaces libjpeg
  112. kbproto-1.0.7                  KB extension headers
  113. keybinder-0.3.1_1              Library for registering keyboard shortcuts
  114. lcms2-2.9                      Accurate, fast, and small-footprint color management engine
  115. less-458                       Better pager utility
  116. libFS-1.0.7                    The FS library
  117. libGLU-9.0.0_3                 OpenGL utility library
  118. libICE-1.0.9_1,1               Inter Client Exchange library for X11
  119. libSM-1.2.2_3,1                Session Management library for X11
  120. libX11-1.6.5,1                 X11 library
  121. libXScrnSaver-1.2.2_3          The XScrnSaver library
  122. libXTrap-1.0.1_3               The XTrap library
  123. libXau-1.0.8_3                 Authentication Protocol library for X11
  124. libXaw-1.0.13,2                X Athena Widgets library
  125. libXcomposite-0.4.4_3,1        X Composite extension library
  126. libXcursor-1.1.14_4            X client-side cursor loading library
  127. libXdamage-1.1.4_3             X Damage extension library
  128. libXdmcp-1.1.2                 X Display Manager Control Protocol library
  129. libXevie-1.0.3_3               The Xevie library
  130. libXext-1.3.3_1,1              X11 Extension library
  131. libXfixes-5.0.3                X Fixes extension library
  132. libXfont-1.5.2,2               X font library
  133. libXfontcache-1.0.5_3          The Xfontcache library
  134. libXft-2.3.2_1                 Client-sided font API for X applications
  135. libXi-1.7.9,1                  X Input extension library
  136. libXinerama-1.1.3_3,1          X11 Xinerama library
  137. libXmu-1.1.2_3,1               X Miscellaneous Utilities libraries
  138. libXp-1.0.3,1                  X print library
  139. libXpm-3.5.12                  X Pixmap library
  140. libXrandr-1.5.1                X Resize and Rotate extension library
  141. libXrender-0.9.10              X Render extension library
  142. libXres-1.0.7_3                X Resource usage library
  143. libXt-1.1.5,1                  X Toolkit library
  144. libXtst-1.2.3                  X Test extension
  145. libXv-1.0.11,1                 X Video Extension library
  146. libXvMC-1.0.10                 X Video Extension Motion Compensation library
  147. libXxf86dga-1.1.4_3            X DGA Extension
  148. libXxf86misc-1.0.3_3           X XF86-Misc Extension
  149. libXxf86vm-1.1.4_1             X Vidmode Extension
  150. liba52-0.7.4_3                 Free library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams, aka AC-3
  151. libcroco-0.6.11                CSS2 parsing library
  152. libdaemon-0.14_1               Lightweight C library that eases the writing of UNIX daemons
  153. libdca-0.0.5_1                 Free DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder
  154. libdevq-0.0.4                  Generic Device Query and Monitor interface
  155. libdmx-1.1.3_3                 DMX extension library
  156. libdrm-2.4.88,1                Userspace interface to kernel Direct Rendering Module services
  157. libdvdnav-5.0.3                MPlayer version of the libdvdnav project
  158. libdvdread-5.0.3               MPlayer version of the libdvdread project
  159. libedit-3.1.20170329_2,1       Command line editor library
  160. libepoll-shim-0.0.20161220     epoll shim implemented using kevent
  161. libepoxy-1.4.3                 Library to handle OpenGL function pointer management
  162. libevdev-1.4.4                 Linux Event Device library
  163. libexif-0.6.21_4               Library to read digital camera file meta-data
  164. libexo-0.10.7                  Application library for the Xfce desktop environment
  165. libffi-3.2.1_1                 Foreign Function Interface
  166. libfm-1.2.5                    Core library of PCManFM file manager
  167. libfm-extra-1.2.5              LibFM-Extra library
  168. libfontenc-1.1.3_1             The fontenc Library
  169. libgcrypt-1.8.2                General purpose crypto library based on code used in GnuPG
  170. libglade2-2.6.4_8              GNOME glade library
  171. libgpg-error-1.27              Common error values for all GnuPG components
  172. libgsf-1.14.41                 Extensible I/O abstraction for dealing with structured file formats
  173. libgudev-230_1                 GObject bindings for libudev.
  174. libiconv-1.14_11               Character set conversion library
  175. libid3tag-0.15.1b_1            ID3 tags library (part of MAD project)
  176. libidn-1.33_1                  Internationalized Domain Names command line tool
  177. libidn2-2.0.4                  Implementation of IDNA2008 internationalized domain names
  178. libinput-1.6.0                 Generic input library
  179. libltdl-2.4.6                  System independent dlopen wrapper
  180. libmad-0.15.1b_6               Libmad library (part of MAD project)
  181. libmtdev-1.1.5                 Multitouch Protocol Translation Library
  182. libnghttp2-1.28.0              HTTP/2.0 C Library
  183. libogg-1.3.3,4                 Ogg bitstream library
  184. liboldX-1.0.1_3                Old X library
  185. libpaper-              Library providing routines for paper size management
  186. libpciaccess-0.13.5            Generic PCI access library
  187. libpthread-stubs-0.4           This library provides weak aliases for pthread functions
  188. libraw-0.18.5                  Library for manipulating raw images
  189. librsvg2-2.40.17               Library for parsing and rendering SVG vector-graphic files
  190. libslang2-2.3.1_1              Routines for rapid alpha-numeric terminal applications development
  191. libsndfile-1.0.28              Reading and writing files containing sampled sound (like WAV or AIFF)
  192. libsoxr-       High quality, one-dimensional sample-rate conversion library
  193. libspectre-0.2.8               Small library for rendering Postscript documents
  194. libssh2-1.8.0,3                Library implementing the SSH2 protocol
  195. libtasn1-4.12                  ASN.1 structure parser library
  196. libtheora-1.1.1_7              Theora video codec for the Ogg multimedia streaming system
  197. libtool-2.4.6                  Generic shared library support script
  198. libudev-devd-0.3               libudev-compatible interface for devd
  199. libunistring-0.9.7             Unicode string library
  200. libunwind-20170113_1           Generic stack unwinding library
  201. libv4l-1.6.3_2                 Video4Linux library
  202. libva-2.0.0                    VAAPI wrapper and dummy driver
  203. libvdpau-1.1.1                 VDPAU wrapper and tracing library
  204. libvolume_id-0.81.1            Library to provide file system type information
  205. libvorbis-1.3.5_1,3            Audio compression codec library
  206. libvpx-1.6.1_2                 VP8/VP9 Codec SDK
  207. libwacom-0.23                  Adds tablet support to libinput
  208. libwnck-2.30.7_1               Library used for writing pagers and taskslists
  209. libx264-0.148.2795             H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Video Encoding (Library)
  210. libxcb-1.12_2                  The X protocol C-language Binding (XCB) library
  211. libxfce4menu-4.12.1_1          Widgets library for the Xfce desktop environment
  212. libxfce4util-4.12.1            Extension library for the Xfce desktop environment
  213. libxkbfile-1.0.9               XKB file library
  214. libxkbui-1.0.2_4               The xkbui library
  215. libxklavier-5.3_1,1            Utility library to make XKB stuff easier
  216. libxml2-2.9.7                  XML parser library for GNOME
  217. libxshmfence-1.2_2             Shared memory 'SyncFence' synchronization primitive
  218. libxslt-1.1.29_1               The XSLT C library for GNOME
  219. lightdm-1.22.0_2               Lightweight Display Manager
  220. lightdm-gtk-greeter-2.0.2_2    GTK+ greeter for LightDM
  221. llvm39-3.9.1_7                 LLVM and Clang
  222. llvm40-4.0.1_5                 LLVM and Clang
  223. lsof-4.90.q,8                  Lists information about open files (similar to fstat(1))
  224. luajit-2.0.5                   Just-In-Time Compiler for Lua
  225. lxappearance-0.6.3             Desktop-independent theme switcher for GTK+
  226. lxappearance-obconf-0.2.3      LXAppearance ObConf plugin
  227. lxde-common-0.99.2             LXDE Common files
  228. lxde-icon-theme-0.5.1          LXDE Icon Theme
  229. lxde-meta-1.0_8                "meta-port" of the LXDE desktop slimmed down for FreeBSD releases
  230. lxhotkey-0.1.0                 Keyboard shortcuts settings
  231. lxinput-0.3.5                  Keyboard and mouse settings
  232. lxmenu-data-0.1.5              Menu data used by lxpanel
  233. lxpanel-0.9.3                  Lightweight X11 desktop panel
  234. lxrandr-0.3.1                  Monitor configuration tool
  235. lxsession-0.5.3_1              LXDE Session Manager
  236. lxtask-0.1.4_3                 Lightweight desktop-independent task manager
  237. lxterminal-0.3.1               Lightweight terminal emulator from the LXDE project
  238. m4-1.4.18,1                    GNU M4
  239. mc-4.8.20                      Midnight Commander, a free Norton Commander Clone
  240. menu-cache-1.1.0               Library used to read freedesktop.org menus
  241. mesa-dri-17.2.4_1              OpenGL hardware acceleration drivers for DRI2+
  242. mesa-libs-17.2.4               OpenGL libraries that support GLX and EGL clients
  243. meson-0.43.0                   High performance build system
  244. mkfontdir-1.0.7                Create an index of X font files in a directory
  245. mkfontscale-1.1.2              Creates an index of scalable font files for X
  246. mpc-1.0.3                      Library of complex numbers with arbitrarily high precision
  247. mpfr-3.1.6                     Library for multiple-precision floating-point computations
  248. mpg123-1.25.8                  Command-line player for MPEG Layer 1, 2, and 3 audio files
  249. netpbm-10.80.00                Toolkit for conversion of images between different formats
  250. nettle-3.4                     Low-level cryptographic library
  251. ninja-1.8.2,2                  Ninja is a small build system closest in spirit to Make
  252. nspr-4.17                      Platform-neutral API for system level and libc like functions
  253. nss-3.34.1                     Libraries to support development of security-enabled applications
  254. obconf-2.0.4_2                 Preferences manager for the Openbox window manager
  255. openbox-3.6_2                  Small, fast, standards compliant, extensible window manager
  256. opencv-core-         Open Source Computer Vision library
  257. openjpeg-2.3.0                 Open-source JPEG 2000 codec
  258. openssl-1.0.2n,1               SSL and crypto library
  259. orc-0.4.25                     Library and toolset to operate arrays of data
  260. p11-kit-0.23.9                 Library for loading and enumerating of PKCS#11 modules
  261. p5-Authen-NTLM-1.09_1          Perl5 NTLM authentication module
  262. p5-Authen-SASL-2.16_1          Perl5 module for SASL authentication
  263. p5-Digest-HMAC-1.03_1          Perl5 interface to HMAC Message-Digest Algorithms
  264. p5-Encode-Locale-1.05          Determine the locale encoding
  265. p5-Error-0.17025               Error/exception handling in object-oriented programming style
  266. p5-File-Listing-6.04_1         Parse directory listings
  267. p5-GSSAPI-0.28_1               Perl extension providing access to the GSSAPIv2 library
  268. p5-HTML-Parser-3.72            Perl5 module for parsing HTML documents
  269. p5-HTML-Tagset-3.20_1          Some useful data table in parsing HTML
  270. p5-HTTP-Cookies-6.04           HTTP Cookie jars
  271. p5-HTTP-Daemon-6.01_1          Simple HTTP server class
  272. p5-HTTP-Date-6.02_1            Conversion routines for the HTTP protocol date formats
  273. p5-HTTP-Message-6.13           Representation of HTTP style messages
  274. p5-HTTP-Negotiate-6.01_1       Implementation of the HTTP content negotiation algorithm
  275. p5-IO-HTML-1.001_1             Open an HTML file with automatic charset detection
  276. p5-IO-Socket-IP-0.39           Drop-in replacement for IO::Socket::INET supporting IPv4 and IPv6
  277. p5-IO-Socket-SSL-2.051         Perl5 interface to SSL sockets
  278. p5-LWP-MediaTypes-6.02_1       Guess media type for a file or a URL
  279. p5-Locale-gettext-1.07         Message handling functions
  280. p5-Mozilla-CA-20160104         Perl extension for Mozilla CA cert bundle in PEM format
  281. p5-Net-HTTP-6.17               Low-level HTTP client
  282. p5-Net-SSLeay-1.82             Perl5 interface to SSL
  283. p5-Socket-2.024                Networking constants and support functions
  284. p5-Try-Tiny-0.28               Minimal try/catch with proper localization of $@
  285. p5-URI-1.72                    Perl5 interface to Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) references
  286. p5-WWW-RobotRules-6.02_1       Database of robots.txt-derived permissions
  287. p5-XML-Parser-2.44             Perl extension interface to James Clark's XML parser, expat
  288. p5-libwww-6.30                 Perl5 library for WWW access
  289. pango-1.40.6                   Open-source framework for the layout and rendering of i18n text
  290. pciids-20171206                Database of all known IDs used in PCI devices
  291. pcmanfm-1.2.5                  PCMan File Manager
  292. pcre-8.40_1                    Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library
  293. perl5-5.24.3                   Practical Extraction and Report Language
  294. pixman-0.34.0                  Low-level pixel manipulation library
  295. pkg-1.10.3_1                   Package manager
  296. pkgconf-1.3.10,1               Utility to help to configure compiler and linker flags
  297. png-1.6.34                     Library for manipulating PNG images
  298. policykit-0.9_10               Framework for controlling access to system-wide components
  299. polkit-0.113_5                 Framework for controlling access to system-wide components
  300. poppler-0.57.0                 PDF rendering library
  301. poppler-data-0.4.8             Poppler encoding data
  302. printproto-1.0.5               Print extension headers
  303. pstree-2.39                    List processes as a tree
  304. pulseaudio-11.0_1              Sound server for UNIX
  305. pv-1.6.6                       Pipe throughput monitor
  306. py27-cairo-1.14.1              Python 2 bindings for Cairo
  307. py27-gobject-2.28.6_7          Python bindings for GObject
  308. py27-gtk2-2.24.0_4             Set of Python bindings for GTK+
  309. py27-setuptools-36.5.0         Python packages installer
  310. py36-setuptools-36.5.0         Python packages installer
  311. python2-2_3                    The "meta-port" for version 2 of the Python interpreter
  312. python27-2.7.14_1              Interpreted object-oriented programming language
  313. python36-3.6.3                 Interpreted object-oriented programming language
  314. randrproto-1.5.0               Randr extension headers
  315. readline-7.0.3_1               Library for editing command lines as they are typed
  316. recordproto-1.14.2             RECORD extension headers
  317. renderproto-0.11.1             RenderProto protocol headers
  318. rsync-3.1.2_7                  Network file distribution/synchronization utility
  319. s2tc-1.0+20151228              Subset of a well-known texture compression scheme
  320. schroedinger-1.0.11_4          High-speed Dirac codec
  321. scrnsaverproto-1.2.2           ScrnSaver extension headers
  322. shared-mime-info-1.8           MIME types database from the freedesktop.org project
  323. speexdsp-1.2.r3_1              Audio compression format designed for speech
  324. spidermonkey170-17.0.0_7       Standalone JavaScript based from Mozilla 17-esr
  325. sqlite3-3.21.0_1               SQL database engine in a C library
  326. startup-notification-0.12_4    Library that supports startup notification spec from freedesktop.org
  327. sudo-1.8.21p2_1                Allow others to run commands as root
  328. svgalib-1.4.3_7                Low level console graphics library
  329. texinfo-6.5,1                  Typeset documentation system with multiple format output
  330. tiff-4.0.9                     Tools and library routines for working with TIFF images
  331. tpm-emulator-0.7.4_2           Trusted Platform Module (TPM) emulator
  332. trapproto-3.4.3                DEC-XTRAP extension headers
  333. trousers-0.3.14_1              Open-source TCG Software Stack
  334. unique-1.1.6_7                 Library for single instance applications
  335. v4l_compat-1.6.3               Video4Linux IOCTL header files
  336. videoproto-2.3.3               Video extension headers
  337. virtualbox-ose-additions-5.2.2 VirtualBox additions for FreeBSD guests
  338. virtualbox-ose-kmod-5.2.2      VirtualBox kernel module for FreeBSD
  339. vte-0.28.2_3                   Gtk 2 based terminal widget with accessibility and I18N support
  340. x265-2.3                       H.265/High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) format
  341. xcb-util-0.4.0_2,1             Module with libxcb/libX11 extension/replacement libraries
  342. xcb-util-keysyms-0.4.0_1       Standard X key constants and conversion to/from keycodes
  343. xcb-util-renderutil-0.3.9_1    Convenience functions for the Render extension
  344. xextproto-7.3.0                XExt extension headers
  345. xf86-input-keyboard-1.9.0_1    X.Org keyboard input driver
  346. xf86-input-libinput-0.25.0     X.Org libinput input driver
  347. xf86-input-mouse-1.9.2_1       X.Org mouse input driver
  348. xf86dgaproto-2.1               XFree86-DGA extension headers
  349. xf86miscproto-0.9.3            XFree86-Misc extension headers
  350. xf86vidmodeproto-2.3.1         XFree86-VidModeExtension extension headers
  351. xfce4-conf-4.12.1              D-Bus-based configuration storage system
  352. xineramaproto-1.2.1            Xinerama extension headers
  353. xkbcomp-1.4.0                  Compile XKB keyboard description
  354. xkeyboard-config-2.21          X Keyboard Configuration Database
  355. xmlcatmgr-2.2_2                SGML and XML catalog manager
  356. xorg-fonts-truetype-7.7_1      X.Org TrueType fonts
  357. xorg-libraries-7.7_2           X.org libraries meta-port
  358. xorg-server-1.18.4_6,1         X.Org X server and related programs
  359. xproto-7.0.31                  X11 protocol headers
  360. xscreensaver-5.37              Save your screen while you entertain your cat
  361. xtrans-1.3.5                   Abstract network code for X
  362. xvid-1.3.4,1                   Opensource MPEG-4 codec, based on OpenDivx
  363. zsh-5.4.2_1                    The Z shell

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