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Breeze Designer
Guest on 9th February 2023 07:50:24 AM

  1. Breeze Designer
  2. Introduction
  3. Breeze Designer is a 3D modelling and design tool for Windows. The program has been written to primarily interface with the Persistance of Vision raytracer (POV-Ray version 2.0 & 3.0), there is also support to export to a number of other popular renderers including Pixars's RenderMan(TM).
  5. Features
  6. Modelling primitives; cube, sphere, cone, cylinder, torus, bicubic "Bezier" patches
  7. Text objects using TrueType fonts
  8. Heightfields, spline paths and extruded shapes
  9. Iso-surfaces; blobs (metaballs).
  10. Surfaces of revolution (sweeps).
  11. Multiple model views and zoom factors.
  12. Inbuilt texture builder.
  13. Inbuilt shaded preview.
  14. Object grouping with CSG support.
  15. Keyframe animation support, with tween function and spline paths.
  16. Transition position, scale and rotation between frames.
  17. Import Autodesk 3D-Studio(TM) 3DS format models.
  18. Import AutoCAD(TM) 2D and 3D DXF files.
  19. Export POV Raytracer, RenderMan RIB, VRML scene, Polyray, AutoCAD DXF.
  20. Inbuilt in macro language.
  21. Third party plug-in module support.
  22. Render and view from within program.
  23. No program limit to the number of objects.
  24. Support for OpenGL with texture mapping for Windows NT, Windows 95/98
  25. On-line help & tool tips support.
  26. Getting Breeze Designer ...
  27. Retrieve the Breeze Designer program archive (4Mb).
  28. Retrieve the Breeze Designer SDK archive (640k)

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