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can now hand it a URL
Guest on 10th February 2023 01:41:43 AM

  1. You can now hand it a URL instead of a file if you have the
  2.           URI and LWP modules.
  3.         * You can now give it IMP tags with IMGs with URLs
  4.           if you have the URI and LWP modules.
  5.         * Deleted use of Data::Dump, so it's not required anymore.
  6.         * Added STRONG tag.
  7.         * Added EM tag.
  8.         * Fixed all bold tags.
  9.         * Fixed all italisize tags.
  10.         * Fixed all special tex characters.
  11.         * Added DT,DD,and DL tags.
  12.         * Added &option_handler, the most flexible of all handlers.
  13.         * Fixed extra padding around elements.
  14.         * html2latex ignores comments now.
  15.         * when using the pdf option, the pdflatex output is put in the correct directory

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