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  1. # Tcl autoload index file, version 2.0
  2. # This file is generated by the "auto_mkindex" command
  3. # and sourced to set up indexing information for one or
  4. # more commands.  Typically each line is a command that
  5. # sets an element in the auto_index array, where the
  6. # element name is the name of a command and the value is
  7. # a script that loads the command.
  9. set auto_index(EndXTeX) "source $dir/xtexsh"
  10. set auto_index(XTeXEdit) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  11. set auto_index(ControlKey) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  12. set auto_index(InsChar) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  13. set auto_index(InsertText) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  14. set auto_index(InsertEditor) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  15. set auto_index(GotoXY) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  16. set auto_index(EatSpaces) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  17. set auto_index(TabChar) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  18. set auto_index(ShiftTab) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  19. set auto_index(DelChar) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  20. set auto_index(BsChar) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  21. set auto_index(DelSelection) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  22. set auto_index(InsSelection) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  23. set auto_index(MoveSelection) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  24. set auto_index(But11) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  25. set auto_index(But12) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  26. set auto_index(But13) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  27. set auto_index(ButS11) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  28. set auto_index(EditChkOpen) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  29. set auto_index(setmodflag) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  30. set auto_index(resetmodflag) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  31. set auto_index(Qmodflag) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  32. set auto_index(toginsmode) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  33. set auto_index(ReadFile) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  34. set auto_index(ReLoadFile) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  35. set auto_index(WriteFile) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  36. set auto_index(SaveFile) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  37. set auto_index(EditSrch) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  38. set auto_index(SrchRep) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  39. set auto_index(Edit) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  40. set auto_index(EndXTeXEdit) "source $dir/edit.tcl"
  41. set auto_index(ExecProg) "source $dir/exec.tcl"
  42. set auto_index(childkill) "source $dir/exec.tcl"
  43. set auto_index(childstat) "source $dir/exec.tcl"
  44. set auto_index(childIO) "source $dir/exec.tcl"
  45. set auto_index(FileSelBox) "source $dir/fileselbox.tcl"
  46. set auto_index(fsbcheck) "source $dir/fileselbox.tcl"
  47. set auto_index(fsbgetlist) "source $dir/fileselbox.tcl"
  48. set auto_index(HyperHelp) "source $dir/help.tcl"
  49. set auto_index(FindIndex) "source $dir/help.tcl"
  50. set auto_index(WriteHelp) "source $dir/help.tcl"
  51. set auto_index(AddHelpLine) "source $dir/help.tcl"
  52. set auto_index(HypInsert) "source $dir/help.tcl"
  53. set auto_index(ManHelp) "source $dir/help.tcl"
  54. set auto_index(BmpHelp) "source $dir/help.tcl"
  55. set auto_index(loadsetup) "source $dir/ldsetup.tcl"
  56. set auto_index(writesetup) "source $dir/ldsetup.tcl"
  57. set auto_index(loadshortcuts) "source $dir/ldsetup.tcl"
  58. set auto_index(ReadShortCuts) "source $dir/ldsetup.tcl"
  59. set auto_index(DisplayMsg) "source $dir/util.tcl"
  60. set auto_index(DisplayInfo) "source $dir/util.tcl"
  61. set auto_index(DisplayQuest) "source $dir/util.tcl"
  62. set auto_index(DialogWin) "source $dir/util.tcl"
  63. set auto_index(DialogEnd) "source $dir/util.tcl"
  64. set auto_index(CreateTopWin) "source $dir/util.tcl"
  65. set auto_index(InsertWithTags) "source $dir/util.tcl"
  66. set auto_index(strip_extension) "source $dir/util.tcl"
  67. set auto_index(SelNewMain) "source $dir/util.tcl"
  68. set auto_index(PurgeFiles) "source $dir/util.tcl"
  69. set auto_index(ChangeDir) "source $dir/util.tcl"

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