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unfortunately Microsoft has added
Guest on 7th March 2023 12:22:33 AM

  1. unfortunately, Microsoft has added a clever new
  2.    "feature" to Internet Explorer. If the text of
  3.    an error's message is "too small", specifically
  4.    less than 512 bytes, Internet Explorer returns
  5.     its own error message. You can turn that off,
  6.    but it's pretty tricky to find switch called
  7.    "smart error messages". That means, of course,
  8.    that short error messages are censored by default.
  9.    IIS always returns error messages that are long
  10.     enough to make Internet Explorer happy. The
  11.    workaround is pretty simple: pad the error
  12.    message with a big comment like this to push it
  13.    over the five hundred and twelve bytes minimum.
  14.    Of course, that's exactly what you're reading
  15.    right now.

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