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Freedom Insurance Group
Guest on 11th March 2023 03:43:46 AM

  1. Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. offers insurance coverage to the people of Bucks & Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.
  3. Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. is an independent insurance agency proudly serving the Greater Philadelphia region and its surrounding Pennsylvania and New Jersey suburbs, including Bucks County and Monterey County. We specialize in offering a suite of comprehensive insurance options at competitive rates, from auto, homeowners, and commercial insurance to life and flood insurance, as well as umbrella insurance policies. To fulfill our mission of helping protect people from the unexpected, Freedom Insurance Group takes an individualized approach to insurance, tailoring each policy to the unique needs, lifestyles, and budgets of our customers.
  5. Address:
  6. 3308 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19114
  8. Phone:
  9. 215-673-0300
  11. Fax:
  12. 215-673-0533
  14. Website URL:
  15. https://freedom4insurance.com/
  17. Email:
  18. info@freedom4insurance.com
  20. Business Hours :
  21. Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
  22. Sat 9am-1pm

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