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Install Versaloon
Guest on 17th March 2023 01:08:53 PM

  1. Installation
  2. ============
  3. To install the Versaloon software, the Versaloon device should not
  4. be connected.
  6. Then run the installer VersaloonWin.exe. We'll denote the directory
  7. you installed to as <vsln>.
  9. Connect the Versaloon unit to a USB port. Windows should then ding
  10. and dong and ask you for a driver. If it does not, you may have
  11. enough drivers already. To install drivers, select manual
  12. installation and point Windows at
  13.   <vsln>\driver\<winxx>\Versaloon\driver
  14. where <winxx> is win32 for 32 bit versions of Windows and win64
  15. for 64 bit versions of Windows.
  17. You can confirm the driver installation in
  18.   Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager
  19. You should have two Versaloon entries
  20.   libusb-win32 devices -> Versaloon
  21.   Ports (COM & LPT) -> COMonVersaloon
  23. After installation, you will find PDF manuals in
  24.   <vsln>\doc
  25. The installer will create a desktop icon for vsgui.exe, the
  26. Versaloon graphical front end, which drives the command line
  27. program vsprog.exe that does all the hard work.
  29. Technical support for Versaloon is mainly to be found using Yahoo
  30. groups
  31.   http://groups.yahoo.com/
  32. and joining both Yahoo and the group
  33.   versaloon
  35. First steps
  36. ===========
  37. With Versaloon connected, run vsgui.exe - it's in
  38.   <vsln>\vsprog\
  39. VSgui will probably complain that it doesn't know where vsprog.exe
  40. is. It is also in
  41.   <vsln>\vsprog\
  42. so navigate to that folder and select it. Editing the text boxes
  43. is unreliable, but isn't fixed yet. Do the same for OpenOCD, which
  44. is in
  45.   <vsln>\openocd\
  47. Select the VSProg tab, and you will be able to select your CPU
  48. family and specific chip.

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