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Windows 7 and DEP
Guest on 17th March 2023 01:11:34 PM

  1. Windows 7 and DEP
  2. If you have Windows 7 or another version of Windows with DEP
  3. enabled, VFX Forth may not install.
  5. To fix this problem you must turn off DEP (Data Execution
  6. Prevention).
  7. 1) Goto Windows help, search for "Turn off DEP"
  8. and follow the instructions.
  9. 2) Reboot - according to several users.
  10. 3) Install again.
  12. Once VFX Forth is installed, you will need to leave DEP turned
  13. off for VFX Forth and any applications built with it. You can
  14. also just leave DEP completely turned off.
  16. Because VFX Forth is an interactive incremental compiler, the
  17. main memory section is marked as having read, write and execute
  18. permissions. DEP causes execution from such a section to fault

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