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Tib installation
Guest on 23rd April 2023 05:06:39 AM

  1. Tib installation
  2. ================
  4. Source language: C
  6. For a list of files see MANIFEST.
  8. 1. Unpack the tar file.  This will create the directories tib,
  9.    tib/src, tib/index, tib/inputs, tib/doc, tib/elisp, tib/sk,
  10.    and tib/test.
  12. 2. Review the Makefile. With a text editor, change the variables
  13.    TIBDIR (where the tib file-hierarchy will reside after installation),
  14.    DESTDIR (where the executables go), MANDIR (where the manpages go
  15.    (only prefix)), and TEXBIN (the absolute pathname of your TeX-binary).
  17. 3. Make certain paths to temporary files in  #define  statements
  18.    are correct in tib.h (they are set to /tmp/)  (there are
  19.    three of them).
  21. 4. Make certain paths to system descriptions in  #include  statements
  22.    are correct in tibargs.c (#include <sys/types.h>, #include <sys/stat.h>).
  24. 5. If you like, create tib.cat (`make manual') and/or tibdoc.dvi ('make dvi').
  25.    If desired, copy tib.man and/or tib.cat to the doc directory.
  27. 6. Compile and link the programs.
  28.    'make ja' will produce James Alexander's original tib,
  29.    'make sk' will produce Sebastian Kremer's (upward compatible)
  30.              extended tib. (cf. sk/README for information)
  32. 7. 'make test' will run a check on the vital components of the system.
  34. 8. Install the system.
  35.    'make install' only installs the binaries, which is of not much
  36.                   use the first time round.
  37.    'make install.all' installs the full system, and
  38.    'make install.man' installs the man pages.
  40. 12. Change directory to the $TIBDIR/index directory.  Install system
  41.     reference file.  Apply tibdex to this reference file.
  42.     If no system reference file is to be used, create dummy
  43.     index by applying tibdex to empty file.
  45. 13. Clean up as desired (delete object files: 'make clean',
  46.     remove executables and documentation, too, and reverse
  47.     changes introduced by SK's extensions: 'make veryclean').
  49. 14. Advertise <documentation directory>/intro.tib to TeX users.
  51. 15. Comments:
  52.        a. The siam format styles (siamd.tib, siamn.tib, siamdl.tib,
  53.           siamnl.tib) contain options on fonts (SIAM specifies smaller
  54.           type for bibliographies).  Check if you want to modify.
  55.        b. On some machines, the stack can overflow in locate.c from `refs'.
  56.           I believe making `refs' a global variable should not cause problems.
  57.           Put the line `struct reftype refs[MAXREFS]...' after the
  58.           `static struct reftype' declaration.
  59.        c. In numo.tib and numos.tib, the font ammi10 is used.  For some
  60.           sites, this should be cmmi10.
  61.        d. Files ieeabb.ttz and ieefll.ttz are included, but not documented.
  62.           They consist of journal names and abbreviations for ieee journals.
  63.           They can be installed in the macro subdirectory and made available
  64.           with either the -i flag on the call to tib or by modifying .tib
  65.           files.
  66.        e. A small unix utility named tibabb is included, but not documented.
  67.           It is called as `tibabb <word>'.  
  68.           It will exhibit all entries in the journal file(s) containing
  69.           that word, so that the appropriate definition code can be used.  
  70.           It should be modified to local use.
  71.        f. For Sebastian Kremer's extensions see the file sk/README

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