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Stikked is an Open Source PHP Pastebin
Guest on 15th September 2023 02:57:31 PM

  1. Stikked is an Open-Source PHP Pastebin, with the aim of keeping a simple and easy to use user interface.
  3. Stikked allows you to easily share code with anyone you wish. Here are some features:
  5. Easy setup
  6. Syntaxhighlighting for many languages, including live syntaxhighlighting with CodeMirror
  7. Paste replies
  8. Diff view between the original paste and the reply
  9. An API
  10. Trending pastes
  11. Anti-Spam features
  12. Themes support
  13. Multilanguage support
  14. And many more. View this review or visit the Repo on GitHub
  15. https://github.com/claudehohl/Stikked
  16. Google archive
  17. https://code.google.com/archive/p/stikked/
  18. Powered by Stikked

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