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  1. Amazon Echo can be customized for specific commands, devices with this free
  2.   tool
  3. From: Tech Connect - 03/17/2016
  4. By: Agam Shah
  6. A new tool from UCI can help Alexa automate tasks at home via custom voice
  7. commands
  9. Alexa, the voice-activated service that's part of Amazon's Echo interactive
  10. speaker, can order products, play music and wake you up in the morning. But
  11. can Alexa be taught to talk and control a wider range of smart devices with
  12. custom commands?
  14. A new tool from Unified Computer Intelligence makes that possible. The tool
  15. can also train Alexa to automate home tasks via custom voice commands.
  17. The tool involves creating a "skill" so a device can be registered for Alexa
  18. to recognize. The registered devices can be given names on UCI's portal, and
  19. Alexa can then control the device.
  21. Read the entire article at:
  22. http://www.techconnect.com/article/3045637/amazon-echo-can-be-customized-for-specific-commands-devices-with-this-free-tool.html
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  25. Alexa voice commands can now be spoken into Amazon's smaller Echo Dot
  26. http://www.techconnect.com/article/3040610/consumerization-of-it/alexa-voice-commands-can-now-be-spoken-into-amazons-smaller-echo-dot.html

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