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Build.xml Guest on 28th June 2020 01:21:04 PM
  1. <project name="joomla" default="build" basedir=".">
  2. <property name="source" value="."/>
  3. <target name="clean" description="Clean up and create artifact directories">
  4. <delete dir="${basedir}/build/logs"/>
  5. <mkdir dir="${basedir}/build/logs"/>
  6. </target>
  7. <target name="phpcs" description="Generate checkstyle.xml using PHP_CodeSniffer">
  8. <exec executable="phpcs">
  9. <arg value="--report=checkstyle"/>
  10. <arg value="-p"/>
  11. <arg value="--report-file=${basedir}/build/logs/checkstyle.xml"/>
  12. <arg value="--standard=${basedir}/build/phpcs/Joomla"/>
  13. <arg path="${source}"/>
  14. </exec>
  15. </target>
  16. <target name="build" depends="clean,phpcs"/>
  17. </project>

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