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r/Eve manifesto

Guest on 30th July 2021 11:25:00 AM

  1. r/Eve manifesto
  3. For the last few months, Goons propagandists completely took over Eve subreddit, making sure only their narrative is being posted and upvoted there.
  5. Basic reddit principles such as upvoting good, quality content and not downvoting stuff just because you don't agree with it or because it's against yours or your group agenda no longer apply there.
  7. r/Eve is currently the main source of goon propaganda and anything that goes against their narrative gets buried. On the other hand, current r/Eve state is a valid reason for fatigue and discontent of PAPI members that enjoy reddit, as almost everything they read there depicts them in a bad light.
  9. Goons worked hard to reach the current state of r/Eve. Simple vote brigading or downvoting "hostile" content couldn't change much when majority of r/Eve shitposters were at best case neutral. Therefore, a plan was devised to create a list of all neutral and anti-goon posters and share that list with other Imperium members in order to report and downvote their content and mass harass such individuals. Sooner or later, after reaching -100 score in 15 minutes due to posting anything or even commenting, then reading their pms full of hate mails and threats, those individuals gave up on Eve and stopped posting or even playing the game.
  11. The next step of Goon propaganda machine on r/Eve was changing subreddit narrative to reflect their in game goals. As you can probably tell, every single day there is a common theme to most Goons shit posts, br's and propaganda threads. That is because of a group of spin doctors who prepare all that content and share key phrases and topics with other Imperium member. Members running multiple reddit accounts who even get paid for their daily propaganda activity. It's spinned as a meme, but it's a hard-working, high quality propaganda machine that turns their lies into universal truths shared across r/Eve.
  13. A few examples of that could be topics and phrases such as: "PH is carrying the rest of PAPI", "only PH leadership is competent" (which, after being unsuccessful in sowing discontent among PAPI alliances evolved into "Frat is carrying the rest of PAPI" and "only Frat leadership is competent"), "TEST won't jump their titans first", "blaming the servers", "noble Imperium vs evil blue donut", "Imperium are the underdogs", "PISPI", "SAPI", "CRAPI", "elfboy" and many more.
  15. If you really want to go down the rabbit hole, check the profiles of some outstanding Goon posters.
  17. Some of them specialize in posting:
  18. https://www.reddit.com/user/Dr_Mibbles/submitted/
  19. https://www.reddit.com/user/bay_cee/submitted
  21. Some of them specialize in commenting:
  22. https://www.reddit.com/user/Silly_Testicle/comments/
  23. https://www.reddit.com/user/Dave-Stark/comments
  24. https://www.reddit.com/user/INITMalcanis/comments/
  26. After a short while, you will realize it is the same few topics and phrases on repeat. Well, at least till the propaganda guidelines change.
  28. The fact is that this is a war agaist the strogest group in Eve history. Strogest group member-wise, isk-wise, propaganda-wise and supercapital-wise. A group that would otherwise dominate all the other groups and conquest the entire server. Right now that group has it's back against the wall. Goons lost everything they had except for 1 constellation. They know their existance is at stake here and they won't hesitate to do anything to not lose. That is why they fight so dirty.
  30. Anyway, what can we do about it? Should we agree with the current state of affairs and completely ignore r/Eve as our leaders suggest?
  32. I understand where PAPI leaders are coming from. The current r/Eve situation is caused by Goons heavily breaking any existing rules and doing whatever they can to win this propaganda war. In order to fight back, we also gotta break the rules and our leaders, as public figures, shouldn't condone that.
  34. At the same time r/Eve mods keep ignoring blatant rule breaking, openly admitted brigadding and other "war crimes" of the Imperium. Why is that you ask? Well, there are several reasons. Some mods are part of the Imperium so the current situation benefits them, some mods just don't give a fuck anymore as moderating this amount Goonposters is too much hassle and work. Finally, some mods just gave up after being bullied by Goonposters and Goon brigades or yielded when Goons threatened them with creating a new subreddit.
  36. As much as I sympathize with both PAPI leadership team and r/Eve mod team, I don't think completely ignoring the only Eve subreddit is the right choice. For some of us r/Eve is a part of Eve gaming experience. We enjoy the banter and pluralistic nature of propaganda posted there. And we should fight to bring it back.
  38. Tomorrow starts the final offensive on 1DQ constellation. Tomorrow will also be the day that the final offensive for r/Eve starts.
  40. In order to fight Goons propaganda machine that doesn't care about any rules, we also have to get our hands dirty. Sadly, it's the only way. So what can you do to help us win this propaganda war?
  42. 1. Stop ignoring r/Eve.
  43. 2. Visit r/Eve on a daily basis.
  44. 3. Downvote any Goon propaganda.
  45. 4. Upvote any high quality content or anti Goon propaganda.
  46. 5. If you see any Goon propagandists (examples linked above) go into their profiles and downvote as much of their shitty propaganda work as you can.
  47. 6. If you feel like it, post any anti Goon propaganda.
  48. 7. If you feel like it, post high quality content.
  50. Finally, if you want you can share this manifesto with your friends, if you want you can completely ignore it, if you want you can anonymously follow it. Whatever you do, remember that the battle for r/Eve is the battle for souls in this war and is as important as our final assault on 1DQ constellation.
  52. Without restoring the balance to r/Eve this war will never end.

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