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  1. Traffic Analysis
  2.         Midway story
  3.         Padding story
  6. How much anonimity?
  7.         Provides secret communication
  8.         Provides secret servers
  9.         Does NOT stop you from filing out forms
  10.         Does NOT encrpt the "last link" for non-Tor services
  11.         Encrypts DNS SOMETIMES!!!!
  12.                 You gotta fix this
  13.                 You gotta fix this
  15. Tor
  16.         Only works on TCP connections
  17.         Works best for long-term connections
  18.         Uses the same route for the next minute or so
  19.          -- OR --
  20.         Tor makes a new circuit every 10 minutes
  21.         Any given connection is never rerouted
  23. Who uses Tor
  24.         Anyone who whats to be anonymous
  25.                 Us Navy
  26.                 Police
  27.                 Freaks
  28.                 NGOs in the third world
  29.                 Corporations
  30.                 No one knows
  32. How big is Tor
  33.         300 servers pushing 40 MB/sec
  35. Why does Google think you have a virus?
  37. Lgeal Stuff http://tor.eff.org/eff/tor-legal-faq.html.en
  39. How it works
  40.         There are public directory servers
  41.                 Each knows the server list with public keys
  42.         A client downloads the whole list
  43.         Always write in 512 Byte chunks
  44.                 IRC??
  45.                 Two sizes of packets?
  46.         Establishing a new connection
  47.                 Alice contacts Bob
  48.                         Offers bob a secret password encrypted with Bob's public key
  49.                         Bob acks after decoding
  50.                 Alice asks Bob to forward to carol
  51.                         Offers a secret password encrypted with Carol's public key
  52.                         Bob chooses a symetric key, encodes it with Carol's public key, and makes a link with Carol.
  53.                         Carol acks Alices original message after decoding.
  54.                 Last hop is different .. no encryption no nothing
  55.                 Last hop sends a hash of all messages back to the original client
  56.         Each server has exit policies that it tells clients
  58. Hidden services
  59.         Goals
  60.                 Hide service
  61.                 Let service be found
  62.                 Prevent smearing
  63.         Bob generates a long term public key for the service
  64.         Bob choses introduction points, makes circuits to them, and tells then to wait for connections
  65.         Alice makes a connection to any introduction point
  68. Directories
  69.         Must be well known
  70.         Every router sends a crypt signed message to every dir server
  71.         Every dir server coordinates world view
  72.         Clients download from multiple dir servers, all crypt signed
  74. http://tor.eff.org/cvs/tor/doc/design-paper/tor-design.html#subsec:circuits
  76. Problems
  77.         An attacker can cause heavy CPU load by initing many connection (lots of crypt)
  78.         An attacker can just flood the net with data to move around
  79.                 You send once, each router duplicates your work
  80.         An attacker can cause you to seem evil (spam, kiddie porn)
  88. Why does running a server help clients' hide.

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