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Captcha.xml Guest on 14th May 2020 10:37:02 AM
  1. <wa_field_group name="Captcha">
  2. <wa_field_line>
  3. <wa_field_column>
  4. <wa_field_set_validation>Incorrect response; please try again</wa_field_set_validation>
  5. <wa_field_reference src="SecurityQuestion_Standard.xml" label="" validation="{ required: true }" serverValidation="question" spryValidation="none" continueLine="false"> </wa_field_reference>
  6. </wa_field_column>
  7. </wa_field_line>
  8. <wa_field_line>
  9. <wa_field_column>
  10. <wa_field_set_validation>Please enter a value</wa_field_set_validation>
  11. <wa_field_reference src="Captcha_Standard.xml" label="Captcha" validation="{ required: true }" serverValidation="captcha" spryValidation="none" continueLine="false"> </wa_field_reference>
  12. </wa_field_column>
  13. </wa_field_line>
  14. </wa_field_group>

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