Roblox free vip commands / script - v1 Guest on 20th September 2020 07:55:45 PM
  1. Progress Unfrozen
  2. Command Action
  3. /kick <user>    Forces the user to leave the server and prevents them from returning.
  4. /admin <user>   Gives another user in the server access to admin commands.
  5. /unadmin <user> Revokes another user's access to admin commands.
  6. /play <song ID> Plays an audio from the Roblox audio library, overriding any currently playing audios.
  7. /stop   Stops the currently playing audio.
  8. /chubby <user/all>      Makes the player or everyone have large body parts.
  9. /bighead <user/all>     Makes the player or everyone have large heads.
  10. /smallhead <user/all>   Makes the player or everyone have small heads.
  11. /sandwich <user/all>    Turns the targeted user/users' torso(s) into a giant sandwich.
  12. /donut <user/all>       Places the targeted user/users into a donut.
  13. /coffee <user/all>      Turns the targeted user/users' torso(s) into a Starblox Latte coffee cup.
  14. /normal <user/all>      Reverts scaling changes done by commands to a player.
  15. /lava   Changes all water to a bright red color that kills players who touch it.
  16. /water  Reverts the /lava command.
  17. /tazer <user/all>       Trips a player, as if they were hit by a Taser.
  18. /msg <message>  Gives a message to everyone in the server on the bottom of the screen.
  19. /character <userid/name> <user/all>     Respawns a player with the appearance of someone else's Roblox avatar.
  20. /mech   Spawns a Mech Suit in front of the player.
  21. Progress Frozen
  22. Command Action
  23. /explode <user/all>     Explodes the intended target.
  24. /kill <user/all>        Deals 100 damage to the selected player or everyone.
  25. /nograv Lowers gravity. Players can jump higher, land vehicles can stay in the air longer, and projectiles will travel upward.
  26. /grav   Reverts the actions of /nograv.
  27. /tp <user>      Teleports to the specified user.
  28. /tphere <user>  Teleports the specified user to the user's current location.
  29. /tpallhere      Teleports everyone to the user's current location.
  30. /day    Sets the time to day.
  31. /night  Sets the time to night.
  32. /god <user/all> Gives invincibility to a player or everyone. The only way to die in this state is to reset or fall off the map.
  33. /ungod <user/all>       Reverts the actions of /god
  34. /mini <user/all>        Sets a player or everyone to be miniature-sized.
  35. /giant <user/all>       Sets a player or everyone to be giant-sized.
  36. /weapon <weapon> <user/all>     Gives player(s) any item, including game pass exclusives.
  37. /power <superhero/villain>      Drops a crystal of the hero/villain’s choice in front of the user.
  38. /jetpack <user/all>     Gives a player a Jetpack.
  39. Trivia
  40. The /kick command existed in Season 1 before more commands were added.
  41. Hot Rod cannot run on the water's surface when it is under the influence of the /lava command.
  42. The /lava command did not work in Season 5 because of the frozen ice.
  43. The /mech command was added in Season 6 with the introduction of Mech Suits.

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