Cisco VPN client stops working windows 8, log shows invalid version.txt Guest on 22nd May 2020 06:18:11 PM
  1. Cisco VPN client mysteriously stops working under Windows 8 -- symptoms:
  2. - connection appears successful
  3. - connection dialogue can still tell the difference between a right & wrong
  4.   password, so authentication is working
  5. - network stats shows packets being sent and encrypted successfully, but 0
  6.   received / 0 decrypted
  7. - enabling the debug log shows corrupted IKE packets received with "invalid
  8.   version (random version number)"; messages like:
  9.   Sev=Warning/3    IKE/0xE300002C
  10.   ISAKMP header invalid: Invalid version 10.14 found
  12. Solution: this happens when "Fast startup" is enabled (which does a partial
  13. hibernate rather than a real shutdown / startup); if the VPN driver is
  14. connected at shutdown, it gets confused next startup. Disable fast startup:
  15. Power options > "change what closing the lid does" > enable options not
  16. currently available (link at the top) > "enable fast startup" (checkbox at the
  17. bottom).
  19. Then do a full shutdown and cold start.

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